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Alabama Skydiving Locations

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Emerald Coast Skydiving
Horak Airport- 16646 County Road 95, Elberta, Alabama 36530
1 (877) 814-ECSC (3272), or (251) 986-5618
Emerald Coast Skydiving
A USPA (United States Parachute Association) member. Offers skydiving as tandem to two locations, the designated drop zone or a beach. Training up to expert is available. They also have a parachute demonstration team available for public or private events. They use two aircraft, a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan capable of carrying 18 jumpers to 13,000 feet, and a Cessna 182 for small groups...


Alabama Skydiving Center
143 Grouby Airport Rd, Prattville, Alabama 36067
(205) 759-3483
Alabama Skydiving Center
Operates at the Prattville, Grouby Field Airport. Provides tandem skydiving to get you up with with the least amount of training. The Accelerated Free Fall requires 4 to 6 hour training class to master the the skydiving basics, then do your freefall jump with two rated jumpmasters and deploy your own parachute.


Skydive Alabama
231 County Road 1360, Vinemont, Alabama 35179
(256) 736-5553
Skydive Alabama
Offers incredible 18,000 foot tandem skydives operating from the Cullman Folsom Field. Solo and Accelerated Free Fall jumping license offered through the USPA Integrated Student Program. Ground school consists of 6-8 hours, then a seven jump student program. You can get your solo skydiving clearance in 2 to 3 days.