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California Skydiving Locations

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Parachute Center
23597 N. Hwy. 99, Acampo, California 95220
(209) 369-1128
Parachute Center
Operates from the Lodi airport, south of Sacramento on Highway 99. Provides skydiving instruction in a full range of training options from first time experience, to advanced and team training. Instructors are licensed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Aircraft are Beech 99, King Air 200 and two Super Otters. The Parachute Center provides services to every discipline in skydiving from the first jump to your skydiving certification.


Skydive San Joaquin Valley
11858 Copus Road, Bakersfield, California 93313
(661) 858-2972
Skydive San Joaquin Valley
Offers Tandem Instruction, and AFF Instruction. There is RV Parking available at the airport. Located at 350 feet above sea level, a 13,000 foot skydive gives you a lot of free fall time. The skydive over 160 acres of flat clear space with more than an acre of grass designated for the landing area. For tandems, they provide a jumpsuit, altimeter, goggles, helmet, parachute and professional tandem instructor.

Byron Airport-C83

Bay Area Skydiving
Falcon Way, Byron Airport-C83, Byron, California 94517
(925) 634-7575
Bay Area Skydiving
Operates a King Air and a Cessna-206. Many of our instructional staff have over 10,000 jumps and we have many world record holders and experienced instructors to help you skydive. Offers participants the choice of tandem skydiving or accelerated free fall (AFF) program and a video record of the experience. the AFF program is done following extensive training, then the instructor exits the aircraft with the student holding on to the harness. The instructor is there the entire time to ensure all goes well.


Skydive Coastal California
375 Durley Ave, Camarillo, California
1 (805) 322-4763
Skydive Coastal California
Tandem skydiving following a 15 minute class. Jump two miles over the ocean, opening the canopy at 5,000. The participant may deploy the chute if desired. The parachute ride lasts 7 minutes and can be steered back to the landing zone. For experienced skydivers to participate a AAD is required, and they must be a member of the USPA.


NorCal Skydiving
220 Airport Rd., Cloverdale, California 95425
(888) NORCAL9 (888) 667-2259
NorCal Skydiving
NorCal Skydiving is located in Northern California off US Highway 101 in Sonoma County close to San Francisco. Offers tandem and free fall. The accelerated free fall course starts with a 6-8 hour ground school, then jump with an instructor. Tandem is set up by reservation. The altitudes vary by the package purchased, but available up to incredible 18,000 feet. Licensed skydivers can jump with a current USPA membership and a B license or higher.


SkyDance SkyDiving
24390 Aviation Ave, Davis, California 95616
(530) 753-2651 or 1-800-SKYDIVE
SkyDance SkyDiving
Operates from the Yolo County airport providing tandem, accelerated free fall and solo skydiving. The tandem course includes a training class. Participants are provided an altimeter for the jump and may pull the ripcord. Also provides Accelerated Free Fall and solo skydiving programs.

Grover Beach

Skydive Pismo Beach
201 West Grand Avenue, Grover Beach, California 93433
(805) 481-5867; (805) 481-JUMP
Skydive Pismo Beach
Tandem skydiving takes place every day. Free fall time is based on altitude, but is usually between 45 to 60 seconds at jump heights between 10,000 ft and 13,000 ft depending on the package.


Skydive Hollister
60 Airport Drive, Hollister, California 95023
(800) 386-5867
Operates from the Hollister Airport. Aircraft is the PAC 750XLwhich can get 15 jumpers to 15,000 feet in under 15 minutes. Provides tandem, AFF, solo, and group skydiving. For both AFF and tandem the free fall is about sixty seconds long. This is a high altitude for a typical tandem so the free fall is longer.


Skydive San Diego
12205 Otay Lakes Road, Jamul, California 91935
(619) 216-8413
Skydive San Diego
Provides both tandem and solo skydiving. Tandem includes a raining session, and a jump from 13000 feet which will give you a free fall pf about one minute. Advanced free fall is also provided through a 4-6 hr ground school where you will learn everything required for a safe first solo skydiving experience. Also offers solo and advanced training for experienced skydivers.

Lake Elsinore

Skydiving California
20701 Cereal Street Lake Elsinore, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
(951) 245 9939
Skydiving California
What is tandem skydiving? Skydive tandem is one of the best feeling to experience with accelerated freefall, jumping, sky surfing, freestyle, and parachuting.


Skydive Sacramento
Karl Harder Field- 1020 Airport Road, Lincoln, California 95648
(916) 434-7700
Skydive Sacramento
Operates from the Lincoln Regional Airport. First time skydivers can enroll in tandem or accelerated free fall. The tandem option pairs you with an instructor and you will jump together. For AFF, you will wear your own parachute and receive all required training in emergency situations and landing procedures. AFF training takes several hours in class and a single skydive with an instructor holding your harness.


Skydive Santa Barbara
1801 North H Street, Lompoc, California 93436
(805) 740-9099
Skydive Santa Barbara
Features 270 degree panoramic ocean views on every jump. Offer tandem skydives from incredible altitude of 18,000 ft. Operates from the Lompoc Airport 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara.


Skydive Madera
4130 Aviation Drive, Madera, California 93637
(559) 673-2688
Skydive Madera
Tandem skydiving is done with prearrangement. The participant will complete an hour ground training class, then skydive tandem with an instructor, which is done from 10,000. This gives about 40 seconds of free fall. Accelerated free fall is offered as well. It requires a 7-hour ground training class, then a dive from 10,000 feet with instructors.


Skydive Monterey Bay
721 Neeson Road, Marina, California 93933
(888) 229-5867
Skydive Monterey Bay
Offers skydiving programs for tandem, AFF, and experienced skydivers. Aircraft are Cessna Stationair 206 and a Beechcraft King Air. Coaching for all levels of freefly as well as basic to intermediate RW.


Tsunami Skydivers
480 Airport Rd., Oceanside, California 92058
(760) 390-5867
Tsunami Skydivers
Located at Oceanside Municipal Airport, 45 minute drive from Anaheim, and 35 minutes from San Diego. Offers tandem skydiving and skydiving for experienced people. Altitudes up to 13,000 feet in the capable PAC 750XL skydiving aircraft. This is a specially designed plane for parachuting with high power to weight ratio and good visibility.


Skydive Perris
2091 Goetz Road, Perris, California 92570
(951) 657-1664, or 1 (800) 832-8818
Skydive Perris
Tandem Skydive is where you are physically harnessed to an instructor during your jump. This allows you to experience the ultimate thrill of freefall with the expertise of an experienced instructor. After receiving a short briefing from your instructor, you will ride to an altitude of 12,500ft and then exit the aircraft securely harnessed to your instructor. You’ll freefall for nearly one minute, before the parachute is deployed at 5,000ft. They offer tandem skydiving physically harnessed to an instructor. This method only requires a short briefing. Jumping is from an altitude of 12,500 ft giving a free fall of one minute, opening the canopy at 5,000 ft.

San Diego

Pacific Coast Skydiving
6810 Curran Street, San Diego, California 92154
1 (619) 661-0194
Pacific Coast Skydiving
Operates tandem skydiving from the Brown Field airport. The participant is assigned a personal instructor who is also the tandem jump partner. Jump from two miles high with a free fall of about 40 seconds.


Skydive Taft
500 Airport Road, Taft, California 93268
(661) 765-5867
Skydive Taft
Offers tandem skydiving and training and progression in skydiving levels with more complex dives and improving skills. Has spacious facilities for training and packing. Also offers accelerated free fall, free fly and fun jumps.


Skydive Surfcity & Santa Cruz Skydiving Adventures
160 Aviation Way, Watsonville, California 95076
(831) 435-5169
Skydive Surfcity & Santa Cruz Skydiving Adventures
Operates from the Watsonville airport off of Highway 1. Serves Los Gatos, San Jose, and San Francisco. Tandem skydiving can be done with just twenty minutes of instruction. Skydiving packages are available from 10,000-14,000 feet.