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Missouri Skydiving Locations

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Skydive Kansas City
1413 North Orange, Butler, Missouri 64730
(816) 524-5867
Skydive Kansas City
Provides tandem jumping for first time skydivers, and continuous training to licensing using the AFF methos. Students progress from tandem level II to one-on-one freefall jumps from 14,000 ft.


Fly Free Skydiving
900 Airport Road, Festus, Missouri 63028
(314) 570-3905
Fly Free Skydiving
Offers tandem, Accelerated Freefall, and Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) skydiving. The IAD is similar to a static line. However, the instructor deploys the parachute providing a smoother and more controlled deployment than the static-line method. For individuals wishing to get a skydiving license, they have a program for licensing starting at any stage of proficiency.


Rapid Descent Skydiving
6079 County Road 425, Hannibal, Missouri 63401
Rapid Descent Skydiving
Operating from the Hannibal Regional Airport. Offers instruction for experienced skydivers, and Accelerated Free Fall program training students.


Missouri River Valley Skydivers (formerly KAMO Skydivers)
42938 West 64th Street, Henrietta, Missouri 64036
(816) 290-5415
Missouri River Valley Skydivers (formerly KAMO Skydivers)
Offers static line, tandem and student programs for learning to skydive. Also offers the new Advanced Freefall Progression (AFP) which is a specialized version of the advanced freefall program. Compared to AFF, the AFP program is more detailed yet more flexible, and can accommodate student skydivers that have tandem and static line experience, something the more rigid AFF program cannot do.

Montgomery City

Skydive the Flying V Ranch
11101 Old U.S. 40, Montgomery City, Missouri 63361
(888) 866-8918
Skydive the Flying V Ranch
Offers first time jump skydiving, gift certificates, and training. Jumps for experienced skydivers are from 13,000 feet.

Mount Vernon

Freefall Express Skydiving
Hangar 2- 14800 Highway H, Mount Vernon, Missouri 65712
(417) 882-5867
Freefall Express Skydiving
Caters to skydivers and students from the midwest. Offers Tandem, IAD and AFF methods for first time skydivers and students.

Skydive Missouri
14800 Highway H, Mount Vernon, Missouri 65712
(417) 466-0037
Skydive Missouri
Provides tandem skydiving including two hours of instruction on equipment, aircraft, and free fall. The AFF is entered after completing 2 to 3 tandem skydive levels. Accelerated Free Fall Training (AFT) follows AFF where the basics of skydiving skills are provided in six free fall levels, each with instruction.