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Nebraska Skydiving Locations


  1. Skydive Crete
    Crete Municipal Airport
    Crete, Nebraska 68333
    Weekday Phone: (402) 610-4358 (leave a message); Dropzone/weekend phone: (402) 826-3939
    Skydive Crete
    > Located just southwest of Lincoln. Offers tandem skydiving and static line. The static line is the next step after tandem to progress toward solo.

Weeping Water

  1. Lincoln Sport Parachute Club
    Brown's Airport, 12615 Weeping Water Rd.
    Weeping Water, Nebraska 68463
    (402) 267-9933
    Lincoln Sport Parachute Club
    > Located midway between Omaha and Lincoln for easy access. Offers static and tandem jumping. For tandem the participant jumps with an instructor from 10,000 feet, getting a 30 second freefall. Also offers advanced skydiving classes with wingsuits.
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